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How I use twitter

If you follow me on Twitter, or you're tempted to press the following button, this is for you.

It's true that most books could have blogs, and most blogs could have been just tweets. But it's also true that most tweets out there got reduced to fortune-cookie wisdom. And honestly, that's the worst genre of tweet.

If that's what you're looking for, you came to the wrong place.

So, how do I actually use twitter?

There are 2 main ways I use twitter today:

1. As a public stream of consciousness
2. As a way to promote links to fully formed reflections (mine or others, but mostly mine)

By "public stream of consciousness", I mean how thoughts seem to flow through my conscious mind. Almost by definition, these thoughts are only half-baked and often undeveloped. In other words, these are just ideas at their initial stage that might (or might no) lead to something meaningful.

There are two reasons for this.

The first (and most important) reason is that fully formed thoughts/ideas need more nuance and blogs provide the right space for it. In 240 char tweets, a reduced surface complexity comes at the cost of less direct meaning and a cliché-like sounding.

Thoughts or ideas that require more articulation are usually hosted in this blog. Sometimes I publish these also on the Pulse Blog/Operators but only if they're related to topics such as remote work, future of work, writing, operations, team management, etc. For longer/more complete thoughts, I will usually just tweet a link and the title of the article.

The second reason is that I think pre Product-Market-Fit twitter was a more genuine and more interesting place to hang around. Checking old twttr profiles felt like legitimately spying from someone else's window. Checking modern twttr profiles feels like reading advertising statements from personal billboards.

To be fully transparent I use twitter in other minor ways: tell what my company does, what's the product that we're building and why, promote open positions, customers we serve, etc.

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