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What I read online

Books > blogs > tweets.

I spend most of my time reading books.

Some parts of my time reading blogs or emails.

A little amount of time reading tweets.

Since the questions "what books do you read?" and "how do you use twitter?" have already been answered here and here, I'm answering below to the remaining one.

Here's a full list of blogs I usually read:

  • Operators
  • LessWrong
  • SlaterCodex
  • Garlikov.com
  • Stratechery
  • Saastr.com/blog
  • Tomtunguz.com
  • Sacks' Medium
  • Paul Graham 
  • Kalzumeus
  • Kathy Sierra's Blog
  • Summation.net
  • Kellblog.com
  • Ma.tt
  • Elad Gil's Blog
  • A16Z

Sometimes I read HN's home page.